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It can be amazing where we draw inspiration from in life. Sometimes it comes from a book or movie, other times it can come from the chance encounters with people whom we meet in our day to day lives. The inspiration for forming Elevation Process began several years ago when I was meeting individually with one of my patients whom has trouble with chronic pain and depression. We were discussing some different ways of managing her pain when she remarked rather incredulously, “why isn’t information like this easier for people like me to access!” I profess that there haven’t been too many moments in my life that stand out as a “light-bulb” moment, but that conversation was one of them. The reality was, she was absolutely right; this information wasn’t subject to trademark, nor was it privy to just the elite. This information was all available online, but as anyone who has ever tried to research anything online knows, this process can often be frustrating, annoying and counterproductive. The conversation described above has since happened many times and caused me to think, what if there was an easier way?

The second hurdle took me a while to cross. I knew that the internet was the best way of sharing information, but how could this powerful tool be leveraged in a way that would be of most benefit to as many people as possible? For those of you that aren’t familiar with the practice of psychology, the governing bodies have strict rules in place to ensure protection of the public, as well as the care of the profession in general. While I won’t bore you with the details, several significant issues had to be hammered out with lawyers (and can be found here) before Elevation Process could be willed from an idea into reality. Education, as it turns out, was the key to unlocking this door. Due to the aforementioned regulations, I am unable to provide you with suggestions based on your personal history, nor can I comment or provide individual therapy. What I can do though, is provide education for anyone who is willing to listen.


So what is Elevation Process all about?


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Pillar #1    Education


 As the old proverb goes “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” I sincerely believe that education is one of the most important and powerful forces in our lives. I have been very blessed in my life to have access, as well as to be privy to, a great deal of useful information concerning mental health. As such, I feel a deep responsibility to share as much information as I can with the hope that it will resonate with people and potentially help them in their own lives. All of the information shared via Elevation Process is based on research (both past and present) and intended for educational purposes; you should always consult your doctor/psychologist/psychiatrist before engaging in any of the educational content. One of our goals, therefore, is to educate as many people as possible about mental health (i.e., depression, anxiety etc.), as well as what treatment for these issues generally involves.


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Pillar #2      Awareness


 As I grow older, I have become increasingly aware of the difficulties that poor mental health can cause in our lives. I have also come to realize just how common these difficulties are among all races, colors and religious orientations. Mental illness doesn’t discriminate and is an ongoing issue that impacts us all. Mental illness also has a great deal of stigma associated with it, that can serve to complicate both our treatment and view of others. I feel very strongly that by increasing our knowledge and understanding of mental illness we can start to effect change. The conversations are already starting to happen, and Elevation Process is devoted to joining this momentum.


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Pillar #3       Altruism


Altruism is the practice of concern for the happiness and welfare of others in the absence of external rewards. It is the opposite of selfishness and one example would be the giving of alms to the poor. Although there is some debate as to whether true altruism is ever really possible, the general idea of it is something that really appeals to me. Therefore, Elevation Process has committed to setting aside 10% of all incoming revenue from its products to making the world a better place. Although this may sound overly optimistic, one area that could certainly use attention is the provision of mental health services. This is an area that is chronically underfunded within the public health system, and an area in which Elevation Process would certainly like to contribute. I confess that at this point I have absolutely no idea how to effect this change, and the ability to do so will ultimately rely on the amount of money raised, however this is something that we are committed to at Elevation Process.


So to wrap it all up, Elevation Process is committed to helping others by educating, increasing awareness, as well as by giving back. I am excited to begin this journey and, if you’re interested in coming along, I encourage you to subscribe below. We all know someone in our lives that could use this information; if it isn’t you, forward this article onto someone who does. Who knows, the act of doing that may be your own act of altruism for the day. Thanks for reading.




Brandon Ulmer 

MSc. R.Psych (AB)

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