Chronic Pain

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Dealing with chronic pain can be hard; accessing appropriate services can be even more difficult. This program for the ongoing self-management of pain will teach you what you CAN do to manage your own pain, independent of medications. This program is based on Cognitive Behavioral principles (CBT) and rooted in current best practice. This program contains information that you can start to use today or while you wait for your next referral. This program is suitable for anyone currently experiencing chronic pain, as well as anyone who is interested in learning more about chronic pain.

Christina Wendt

The Elevation Process Chronic Pain Course is full of helpful information about pain and how it functions. It is also full of actionable...
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Alice Garr (Notebooks and Glasses)

I really enjoyed the Chronic Pain programme. I thought I was an expert in chronic pain having lived with it daily since 2012,...
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Garret Nybakken

I purchased the Chronic Pain course for my mother who has osteoarthritis and she has found it to be very helpful. I can...
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Justine albers

Supports, such as this program, help tremendously in dealing with chronic pain and the complicated issues surrounding it. This program has been a...
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What you will learn


what you will learn

These are some of the subjects that the course will teach you about

Session 1 - Pain Education

What is Chronic pain and what can we do about it.

Session 2 - Relaxation

Learn scientifically proven techniques to manage muscle tension & stress.

Session 3 - Pacing

Learn how to engage in activity appropriately, so that you don't continue to hurt yourself.

Session 4 - Thought Challenging

How to deal with the difficult thoughts that arise when you are in pain.

Session 5 - Sleep Hygiene

Proven techniques for improving sleep, both quality and duration.

Session 6 - Stress and Anxiety

Learn exactly what anxiety is and how it can contribute to making pain worse.

Session 7 - Mindfulness

Introduction to a helpful technique that encourages us to be more present in the moment.

Session 8 - Communication and Pain Behavior

How to communicate to others who do not understand the pain you experience.

Session 9 - Setbacks

How to manage those days when pain spikes.

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lets get started

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Alice Garr

Brandon makes it clear from the start that you are the expert in your own pain and how it affects you. I immediately felt like he wasn’t trying to be a know-it-all and tell me what I should and shouldn’t be doing. I’ve read books and articles online before which...

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